Part I European Law: Creation

3. Union Competences  


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  • Case 22/70 Commission of the European Communities v Council of the European Communities [1971] ECR 263
    Case 22/70 Commission of the European Communities v Council of the European Communities [1971] ECR 263 Facts: The Council had adopted a Resolution to coordinate negotiations for a European Road Transport Agreement. The Commission disapproved of the negotiating mechanism created and sought to challenge it Held: The Council’s proceedings were squarely within the power of…Short summary
  • Case 9/74 Casagrande
    JUDGMENT OF 3. 7. 1974 — CASE 9/74 In Case 9/74 Reference to the Court under [Article 267 TFEU] by the Bayerisches Verwaltungsgericht, III Chamber, for a preliminary ruling in the action pending before that court between DONATO CASAGRANDE, Munich and LANDESHAUPTSTADT MÜNCHEN (City of Munich) on the interpretation of the first paragraph of Article…Case 9/74 Casagrande
  • Opinion 1/75 [Local Cost Standard)
    Opinion of the Court of 11 November 1975 given pursuant to [Article 218(11) TFEU] - Avis 1/75 Keywords 1. International agreements - Conclusion by the E[U] - Opinion of the court - Admissibility of requests for an opinion - Agreement envisaged - Concept ([FEU] Treaty, [Article 218 (11)]) 2. International agreements - Conclusion by the…Opinion 1/75 [Local Cost Standard)
  • Opinion 1/76 (Laying-Up Fund)
    Opinion of the Court of 26 April 1977. - Opinion given purs[u]ant to [Article 218(1) to (8)] of the [FEU] Treaty. - 'Draft Agreement establishing a European laying-up fund for inland waterway vessels'. - Opinion 1/76. Keywords 1. International agreements - Conclusion thereof by the [Union] – Authority ([EU] Treaty, [Article 47]) 2. International agreements…Opinion 1/76 (Laying-Up Fund)
  • Case 804/79 Commission v United Kingdom
    In Case 804/79 COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN [UNION], represented by its Legal Advisers, Donald W. Allen and John Temple Lang, acting as Agents, with an address for service in Luxembourg at the office of its Legal Adviser, Mario Cervino, Jean Monnet Building, Kirchberg, applicant, supported by FRENCH REPUBLIC, represented by Gilbert Guillaume, Director of Legal…Case 804/79 Commission v United Kingdom
  • Opinion 2/91 (ILO Convention 170)
    Opinion of the Court of 19 March 1993. - Opinion delivered pursuant to [Article 218(11)] of the [FEU] Treaty. - Convention Nº 170 of the International Labour Organization concerning safety in the use of chemicals at work. - Opinion 2/91. Keywords 1. International agreements - Conclusion - Prior opinion of the Court - Purpose -…Opinion 2/91 (ILO Convention 170)
  • Case C-350/92 Spain v Council
    JUDGMENT OF THE COURT 13 July 1995 In Case C-350/92, Kingdom of Spain, represented by Alberto Navarro Gonzalez, Director General for [Union] Legal and Institutional Coordination, and by Antonio Hierro Hernandez-Mora, Abogado del Estado in the Legal Department for Matters before the Court of Justice, subsequently replaced by Gloria Calvo Diaz, Abogado del Estado, in…Case C-350/92 Spain v Council
  • Opinion 1/94 (WTO Agreement)
    Opinion of the Court of 15 November 1994. - Competence of the [Union] to conclude international agreements concerning services and the protection of intellectual property – [Article 218(11)] of the [FEU] Treaty. - Opinion 1/94. Keywords 1 International agreements - Conclusion - Prior opinion of the Court - Subject-matter - Division of powers between the…Opinion 1/94 (WTO Agreement)
  • Opinion 2/94 (Accession to the ECHR)
    OPINION 2/94 OF THE COURT 28 March 1996 (Accession by the [Union] to the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms) The Court of Justice has received a request for an Opinion, lodged at the Registry of the Court on 26 April 1994, from the Council of the European Union pursuant…Opinion 2/94 (Accession to the ECHR)
  • Case C-376/98 Tobacco Advertising
    JUDGMENT OF THE COURT 5 October 2000 In Case C-376/98, Federal Republic of Germany, represented by C.-D. Quassowski, Regierungsdirektor in the Federal Ministry of Finance, acting as Agent, assisted by J. Sedemund, Rechtsanwalt, Berlin, Federal Ministry of Finance, Referat EC2 Graurheindorfer Straβe 108, D-53117 Bonn, applicant, v European Parliament, represented by C. Pennera, Head of…Case C-376/98 Tobacco Advertising